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Independent Research is Essential for Rational Policies and Rational Medical Practice


One of the lessons of COVID-19 is that everyone seems to have an agenda to twist and turn and re-interpret science and data in general to fit their own needs. That's why independent research conducted in the public interest, without profit motive, is so essential.

At The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, we not only conduct independent research, such as the pathogenic priming research that led to leads on how SARS-CoV-2 virus proteins induce autoimmunity, and research that has led to the determination of pediatric dose limit of aluminum in vaccines. We also provide operational support for this journal.

So far, papers and studies published by Science, Public Health Policy & the Law has been impactful in a number of important ways. For example, the peer-reviewed study published by Dr. David Brownstein and colleagues on his protocols for seasonal respiratory viral infections has help inform medical practices around the country that very simple, straightforward protocols are available to help reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 in people who might already be infected.

Studies we published by Dr. Jessica Rose pointed to the highest rates of adverse events following the launch of a new vaccine - in the history of vaccines.

And most recently, a study by Dr. Sin Han Lee confirmed that using non-quantitative PCR with arbitrary cycle thresholds leads to an unacceptably high occurrence of false positive results among people who test positive.

And there have been many others, also worth your consideration.

So please, browse the journal with confidence that each of the papers we publish undergo peer review by objective reviewers in a blinded manner (the authors do not know who the reviewers are). And understand that we, too, have an agenda: to make sure that objective science persists through time in spite of the deluge of agenda-driven and policy-driven studies that warp data to fit a particular desired result.

You can support Science, Public Health Policy & the Law directly via a small monthly donation to IPAK, The Institute for Pure & Applied Knowledge, or by "shopping" here at this site and sending a small token of your appreciation for our efforts.

For your support and readership, we are grateful.

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler


Science, Public Health Policy & the Law

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